3 Best Online Earning Platforms - 2023

3 Best Online Earning Platforms For Students In India 2023


If you are a student and looking for online earning ways then you are at the right place. In this Article we will talk about 3 Online Earning Best platforms for students without investment. I my self earned more than 4 Lakhs from these 3 Platforms. Lets discuss about those 3 Best Earning Platforms For Students In India 2023.

Few Important Things You Need To Know

  • Remember online earning Can be a rewarding experience, But it requires tremendous effort, Perseverance.
  • Always research and verify.
  • Always protect your personal information from scammers.
  • Be aware of fraudulent, Never give any amount of money to anyone to earn money.
  • Build Skill and expertise. If you want to earn money online it requires some specific skills.

3 Best Online Earning Platforms

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the best platform for students, Where you earn Upto ₹50,000 to ₹1L per month. If you have any kind of skills like Photo Editing, Graphics Designing, Video Editing, Content Writing, Data Entry whatever skills you have. You just need to open a seller account and publish your gig about your skills if people like your work they will give you order and you can charge money for your work as per the requirement. Freelancing is the Best Platform to earn Money. There are a lot of freelancing site eg. Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and many more. You can start online earning from doing freelancing easily.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the Best Platform in 2023 for online earning. If you have any skill like You are a good BGMI player then you can start a Gaming Channel and you can make videos on gameplay, Tips and Tricks and also you can start Live Streaming and believe me I have earned more than 3 lakh by doing both of these. So start a YouTube Channel according to your choice and start making videos from today only.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a biggest platform where many people easily earns in lakh. You might saw Youtubers add few buy links in their description so that if people buy anything from their links they will get some percentage of that product. For Example You have bought a Android Mobile Phone from their affiliate link and if the price of that phone is ₹20,000 so they will get 5-10% of that amount which is around ₹1500. So Can start A affiliate Account with Amazon or Flipkart and you just need to share your affiliate links to your friends and family if they buy anything from your links you get rewarded instantly. You can also share your affiliate link in your YouTube channel and your Social Media platforms.

So these are the 3 Best Online Earning Platform for students where if you work hard and smartly you can earn more than Lakhs per months.


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